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Sep 16, 13:18
Question by gconlow (gconlow)

What's least expensive way to ship a car?

What is the least expensive way to move my car across the country?

Sep 21, 14:22
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

The cheapest is to haul it yourself, if youíre driving a moving van or a car big enough to handle the job (it generally needs to be pretty big).

But thatís only if youíre already driving it yourself. Itís not as tough as you might suppose Ė a relative recently hauled a car behind a rented moving van and said it was pretty easy.

However, Iím assuming you canít do it logistically. So the best thing to do is call around to car shipping companies, or request free quotes here, and see what it will cost you. 

You might be able to get a better deal in the offseason Ė basically, any time away from the summer Ė and if youíre willing to drive it to a central transit hub, so the auto transport companies donít have to drive out of their way to pick it up.

Also, ask the car shipping companies how you can save some money. Everyone these days is looking for more business, so theyíre generally agreeable to sharing ways you can save some costs in order to win your business.  

If youíre using a moving company, ask them for ideas. If business is slow enough, they might be able to bring the car in the moving van, but you should compare the costs against the other options youíre investigating.

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