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-> Truck rental questions
Aug 30, 01:23
Question by darlenejordan7 (darlenejordan7)

How much does a truck rental cost, and what size to get?

How much is a moving van for a 3-4 bedroom house and what do i need to rent it

Sep 21, 14:48
Answer by ()

The cost depends on the area of the country, the demand (high during the summer and the end/start of the school year), and the company you're looking at.

Investigate at least 4 companies and get price quotes that take into all the same factors -- some companies might have a low per-day cost, but higher mileage costs, for example. Also know what they include in the quote -- moving blankets, dollies all add to the cost if you need to rent them. Some truck rental companies offer them for free.

A good rule of thumb is a 16 foot truck for this size of move. If you think might have more stuff, you might want to go up to a 24 foot truck (although this is a pretty decent leap in size).

Many people generally underestimate how much stuff they have, so itís best to be conservative Ė better to not need it and have it, than to need it and not have it. Many people also pack a track poorly -- if you don't pack well, you'll probably need more space.

You should also estimate how much two round trips will cost; if itís a short distance, it might make more sense to take your luck on the smaller truck and run two trips if you need to.

To rent one, youíll need a valid driverís license, and youíll probably need to put down a deposit with a credit card. If you have auto insurance on your own, it might cover you for the truck rental. If not, youíll have to go with the rental companyís insurance.

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