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Aug 28, 18:49
Question by emduplessis (Ellen)

Does this long distance moving quote seem OK? Maine to Virginia move

We are moving from northern maine to roanoke virginia at the end of september. we are wanting a moving truck to come and load our stuff up (under 1700 pounds- but they said they have to charge us for a full 2100 pound load). we will be doing packing and getting boxes ourselfs to save some money. when the guy came to look at the stuff in our apartment he estimated it to be around $1500-2000, but couldn't guarantee us a specific arrival date for our shipment. said it could be anywhere between 4 days before we arrive to 10 days after we arrive. he called again today and told us our move would cost $1900. i'm not sure if our packing is discounted from that total or if taxes and insurance is included in that also. are there other fees besides taxes and insurance such as tips...etc? insurance would be $200 we would be insured for $15000. We only budgeted for $2000 for a move, but this is the only moving company here. we don't know if we're getting the run-around or not. what kind of questions should we ask and what kind of comparables are out there we can use to back us up? we are very new to this. thank you!

Sep 01, 08:47
Answer by ()

To answer your ultimate question: No, nothing you’ve described sounds fishy – the quote, the minimum weight, the delivery dates (you can probably get a more precise date the closer you get to your move), and the moving insurance costs.

Just make sure you get the price in writing (that way you get a full itemization of charges), and preferably get a binding estimate, and get the delivery spread guaranteed.

You should also ask about any additional costs for your move, such as packing costs.  

You mentioned you spoke to the only moving company in your town. Because you’re doing your own packing and you know your weight, you could look at moving companies at your destination, or look at other van lines.

However, to be frank, I don’t know if you’d be able to get a much better deal on your pricing, and if you like and trust the moving company that gave you your moving quote, your best bet might just be them. (Just to be sure, check their licensing and complaint records.)

People often get into trouble when they want to shave some costs on their move, because they wind up in the arms of a shady operator that promises them a low price just to win their business, and then adds on other costs later.

Finally, tips are voluntary, not mandatory. 

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