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Aug 26, 15:51
Question by marebear44 (mary)

Can a moving company charge me to use a credit card?

Is it legal for a moving company to charge a 6% credit card processing fee?

Sep 01, 15:58
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

Even if it's legal in the state where you reside, your credit card company probably prohibits it.

I sometimes hear from consumers who say they were charged a fee to use a credit card to pay for their move, typically 3% of moving costs. It's usually when they go to pay for their move when it's complete, the worst possible time to hear of this charge.

I asked Visa about the practice, and Ted Carr, spokesman, responded: "Visa does not allow merchants to charge consumers a fee for using a Visa card because we do not believe that cardholders should be penalized for using their cards. Checkout fees on purchases are harmful to consumers and unfairly shift the cost of electronic payments onto consumers," he said.

Mastercard has a similiar policy. I have read that American Express doesn't expressly prohibit it, but haven't heard back from them to confirm -- I'll update this post when I do hear from them.

In addition to credit card companies prohibiting the practice, several states have banned it: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas. 

If you've moved in the past and were charged a fee, contact your credit card company and ask for the fee to be refunded.

If you're planning a move, ask your moving company about methods for paying for your move. If the moving company insists on charging a fee, suggest calling the credit card company to clarify the credit card's policy. If they refuse, contest the charge when you get your bill. 

If a moving company is trying to charge you to use a credit card, you need to ask about the trustworthiness of that mover before you decide to do business with it, particularly one that's trying to charge you 6%. I mean, on the one hand, I could see a merchant trying to charge 1% to recoup some of his own costs, but someone trying to charge you 6% is just trying to make a little extra money off of you.

Finally, using a credit card is often a wise step for your move, because it gives you some control over contesting any charges that you disagree with after the move.

Please note: The moving company may be able to offer you a discount for using cash. However, that's different from charging you to use credit.

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Good luck with your move,

Tim J. @

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