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-> Packing questions
Aug 25, 15:35
Question by gasman4518 (gasman4518)

How to safely move a 50-inch plasma TV?

I need advice on how to best insure the safety of my 50 inch plasma if i hire a professional moving company to take it from my house to a storage facility.

Aug 27, 11:34
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

Before I answer the question, what time is your Super Bowl party this year?

Seriously, I hear different advice on this subject.

Moving a plasma TV is more complicated than an LCD, so it requires more careful handling. 

Some movers have told me that plasmas, in particular, require wood crating -- they don't want to move it without a crate because of the liability.

Crating isn't cheap -- it'll most likely be over $100 -- but if you spent several thousand dollars for the TV, it might be worth it.

Other things I've read say that the movers can just wrap them in moving blankets. That seems a little risky to me, frankly.

Finally, there are some online retailers where you can buy special boxes for moving. Check these out for cost.

Don't know which method to use? Ask the moving company which they recommend, and also talk to the retailer that sold you the TV, or TV manufacturer, for their recommendations. (While you're at it, ask them about storage -- some storage places can be brutal on electronics.)

Also, make sure you check out insurance options for the TV -- moving companies minimum coverage, but it won't cover replacement costs.

If you plan on doing it yourself, do a search online for 'moving a plasma TV' and you'll get a lot of links for packing methods.

Good luck with your move,

Tim J. @

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