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Feb 04, 15:17
Question by Vanessa (Vanessa)

Preventing mold growth in the boxes while storing

Hi, I am moving overseas and need to find out what I can place inside the boxes so they don't grow mold in them while not being used?

Feb 05, 02:39
Answer by henry (Henry Peterson)


Mold is a type of fungus that thrives in a humid, warm environment. Therefore the best way to protect your items from mold is to store them in a climate controlled storage unit (see Storing items in climate controlled unit).

Of course, since your items are planned to be shipped overseas in a shipping container climate control is out of question, and they might be exposed to even more humidity.

Molds typically reproduce through their spores that are released into the air and land on moist, organic materials.

To protect your items from mold contamination you should isolate each of them using waterproof sealed plastic bags for small items and cloth, and using stretch wrap for furniture, carpets and electronics. This special plastic can stick to surfaces without causing any damage, and at the same time isolating it from the outside environment.

Another solution to the mold problem is to put cedar balls inside the boxes. Although cedar balls are primarily used to repel moths, mildew and other pests, it is also known for absorbing moisture and mustiness, and therefore it helps fight the mold.

And of course when closed inside a box these cedar balls leave a forest fresh scent!

Good luck with your move,

Henry Peterson @

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