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Aug 18, 08:44
Question by milanovic (Ivana)

What's a reasonable price range for a local move?

I am moving from West Hartford to Simsbury in Connecticut. What is a reasonable price range?

Aug 18, 11:24
Answer by ()

It's hard to say without knowing exactly what you need to have moved, but we can give you a very rough ballpark. 

It's a pretty short move, roughly 25 miles depending on the exact addresses.

You'll pay by the hour for that move, and as a rule of thumb, I'd give the moving companies 45 minutes each way, assuming you choose a moving company in the area. I'm choosing a conservative estimate for the moving time -- you don't want the movers speeding with your stuff, do you?

So it now all depends on how much you need to have moved. Many local moving companies charge around $90 an hour for 3 movers. So let's say they can pack up and unload your house in an hour at each end. That's nearly 4 hours, or $360. I'd then tack on a certain percentage on either end of that, so a reasonable range might be $300 to $400. (This is for a very small move - a three-bedroom home can take up to 8 hours.)

However, the only way to know for sure what you'll pay is to call local Connecticut movers for estimates. Based on the stuff you need moved, they'll give you a better sense of the costs you'll be looking at.

Please note: This guess-timate only covers moving costs -- it doesn't count any packing charges you'll need, or any other charges not covered by the base rate. Be sure to ask about these, and scour your paperwork for them. You'll be happy you did.

Also, please note that I'm writing this answer for the high-cost East Coast -- you might find lower rates pretty much anywhere else. That's why it's so important to call around so you get a good idea of how much you should pay.

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Good luck with your move,


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