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-> Packing questions
Aug 07, 10:48
Question by john.quintero-860 (John)

Should I move furniture, or sell it and buy at my new home?

Is it worth shipping furniture, or just sell my furniture before I relocate? I'm getting a lot of different quotes that are way over my budget.

Aug 07, 15:45
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

You answered your own question: If it's over your budget, you should probably just opt to get rid of it and buy something new or used in your new place. Because of the economy, it's pretty easy to get bargains on furniture.

Here's a way to handle this type of situation.

As you're packing, identify the items you might be able to do without or buy new at your new place. Maybe it's an old couch, or a dresser that your kids have pretty well trashed.

After moving companies have looked at the things to be moved, ask them how much you would save by not moving certain items. If it's just one item and you have a large load, it might not make a huge difference. However, if it's a few items, that could add up, then the savings might be enough to justify not moving it.

Let's say you're thinking about moving a couch. How much will it cost roughly to move that couch? Then, how much could you get for it by selling it before you move, and how much would buying a new one cost?

Then there's the intangible: how much pleasure will you get out of a new couch?

Don't dismiss this intangible -- it's a new place, so you might like to get a fresh start with some new items, so long as it fits your budget and makes economic sense.  

Good luck with your move,

Tim J. @

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