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Jul 31, 08:02
Question by spec25440 (Davvid)

Can you get binding estimates for a New Jersey move?

I have moved state to state 6 times. Now moving city to city in NJ. The estimates are not binding because they are intrastate... is this correct ?

Jul 31, 10:19
Answer by ()

You can get a binding estimate with New Jersey moving companies -- they've been allowed since 1998. However, your moving company doesn't have to offer one, and there are some moving companies that don't like to give them just because costs can so easily change in a move, and having a 'binding' estimate sets up false expectations, particularly if you're paying by an hourly rate.

I would talk to at least 3 local moving companies and get estimates from each, and toss out any that seem just designed to win your business.

A binding estimate is usually your best bet, but remember, just because you get a binding estimate, that doesn’t mean you’ll pay EXACTLY that – you’ll pay according to the estimate based on the mover’s inventory, so if the inventory is incomplete, or you want to add items that make the move longer, you will pay a higher amount. So be sure to scrutinize the inventory that you get from your estimator.

For more information about a New Jersey move, check out this government Website:

Good luck with your move,


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