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Jul 29, 10:11
Question by cookingkathy (cookingkathy)

Cost of moving from home into a storage facility?

Most of the stuff is packed. We just need someone to load the truck and take it to a storage place. What would something like that cost? I am divorced and trying to do a lot on my own.     

Jul 31, 09:05
Answer by ()

Your rate will depend partly on where you live -- a New York move is more expensive than a move in the Midwest, for example.

However, I can tell you a few general things.

Your moving company will charge you by the hour for a certain number of works, and they probably have a minimum time -- for many movers, it's 3 hours. So if your move only takes 2 hours, you still pay for 3 hours. Be sure to ask.

Also ask your moving company if there will be a separate travel charges (fuel surcharges, etc), or if that's included in their rate. Also ask about any packing charges they might have, and be sure your stuff is completely packed in boxes and ready for them to just load in the truck.

Be sure you deal with a local moving company; it's less travel time for them, and it's easier to deal with them if they're located nearby. Call at least three of them and get rates, and be wary of any that offer you a very low price -- they could try to make up the costs later by adding on charges.  

Good luck with your move,


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