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Jul 09, 11:46
Question by kdonnelly50 (Kathryn Denslow)

How do you move a pool table?

I know there are companies who will move a pool table and level it within my state. Having a licensed billiards company move it ensures the manufacturers warranty. What is the best way to go about moving a pool table across the country without voiding its warranty?

Jul 10, 13:07
Answer by ktooley (Karen Tooley)

Some of this you might already know, but here it is anyway for people who might be in a similiar situation:

Most moving companies won't do this work themselves, but instead use a 3rd party pool table company to disassemble the pool table,  and prepare it for shipment. They also will have the slate tops put into a wooden crates. 

At destination, they arrange for another pool table company to reassemble and uncrate the top.  These companies also level, and reapply the felt.  

The 3rd party pool table company warrants their work, so the warranty from the pool table company should still be in effect. 

A suggestion would be to have the company that you purchased the table from arrange for for shipment, and also have them arrange for a company at destination to set it up. 

This is probably a normal service for them.  You should also get something in writing that the warrant would still be in effect.  A warranty would be worthless if you are never able to move the pool table without losing your warranty, so that shouldn't be a problem.  Your movers, of course, will also help you find a third-party service that could help with this.

Good luck with your move,

Karen Tooley @

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