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Jan 29, 13:53
Question by Adventurous (Donna)

Moving to WV, what do I need to do first?

I may be moving to WV, I don't have a job yet but feel in my field it won't be hard to find. My sister has 0 room to store even me, much less my furniture, 3 small pets, a car and a motorcycle. What do I need to do first?

Jan 29, 17:41
Answer by bobfein (Bob F.)


West Virginia is a beautiful state - no doubt about that!

I think first of all you need to decide where in WV you want to live. For that purpose I would recommend forums, a very popular place where people can research places to move to. Check this forum:, especially this thread:

Also, I recommend checking one of the questions we answered about Finding the right place to move to.

Since you probably know already where in WV you want to move, I understand your question is a more general moving question: should I first secure a job, or should I find a place to live?

Its always easier to find a job when you are physically present in the area where you do your job search, however I understand you can't rely on staying at your sister's for long. Here the answer for your question depends on how easy you think it will be for you to find a job (I don't know what your occupation is). According to the forums (above) West Virginia is very limited in terms what it can offer young people, an thus many move out to Ohio upon graduation.

Therefore, when it comes to WV (unlike big places like New York or Chicago) I think its smarter to first secure a job, even if it means spending some time on the internet and the phone with prospective employers.

Once you secure a job moving becomes easy. I got an impression that housing in WV is very cheap and generally available (probably due to the fact that jobs and opportunities are scarce). Finding a temporary housing solution could be an option, and storage facilities for your furniture and vehicles are available throughout the state.

That at least what I would do if I were you, and my collegues here all agree with that approach :)

Good luck with your move,

Bob F. @

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