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Jun 13, 20:24
Question by kemele2001 (kemele2001)

How credible is Mega Moving Company?

I would like to know how good/credible Mega Moving Company is. Thank you!

Jun 15, 11:47
Answer by ()

We can't comment on Mega Moving Company specifically, but this article can take you through a checklist of things to do before selecting  moving companies, and will help with your search on Mega Moving.

A few of the highlights:

Work with moving companies that are in your area: that way you can check on them, it's easier to communicate with them, and logistically it's often easier for a moving company to handle your move if it's in the same town as you.

Check BBB reports for each company and do an online search for reviews about Mega Moving.

Check with '' for licensing information, complaints, and number of trucks -- a small fleet of trucks can be a red flag about a company.

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