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Jun 08, 13:57
Question by sierramegan (

Need a good moving company for moving from New York to Los Angeles

My husband and I are moving from NYC to Los Angeles, and I have been totally overwhelmed by trying to choose a moving company. We have a smallish one bedroom apartment and we want to move in august but we are flexible on exact dates. We are trying to keep the move under $2000, is that possible? I am getting rates as high as $3,500 and as low as $1,100 (which makes me a bit nervous). What rate should I expect for moving a one bedroom NY to LA? And how do I find a cheaper moving company that isn't going to scam us? We have also been throwing around driving in a rental truck, but that seems to be less cost effective when you add in gas and hotels and food. Help!

Jun 09, 10:07
Answer by ()

The problem you might be facing is that you have a relatively small move, so the New York moving companies are likely charging you a minimum to cover their costs (just the gas for a truck from NYC to Los Angeles is a lot these days).
That said, $2,000 for such a long distance move is probably too low -- if you can't do the move yourself for substantially less than $2,000 with a rental truck, how can a moving company? But you're right to be skeptical of the $1,100 moving quote -- they're likely giving you a low bid to win your business, and then lard on other costs later. Avoid them. I don't know how much you're moving, but a good rule of thumb is $.80 to $1 a pound.
Here's what you should do: Get two more moving quotes so you have a very good idea of what the going rate is. If you get quotes higher than $2,000, maybe ask them how you can shave money from the move to closer to your desired target price.
While you're doing that, check out a "self-move." In this option, you load your stuff onto a moving truck, they do the driving, and then you unload at your new home. This option might be the most cost-effective for you. ABF U-Pack and Broadway Express are both options for you, and it sounds like you're willing to do a bit of the work yourself.  
Finally, since you're moving in New York, be sure you're checked out all of your building's move-our requirements, and be sure there's enough space for a moving truck. Also, clarify with your moving company who will pay for any parking tickets you get. Sometimes they insist that you pay them.  

And one more 'finally' -- you might feel overwhelmed organizing all this, but it's worth it -- a bad moving company can really make your life difficult, so the more time and effort you put on the front end, the less angst you'll have during your move.

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Good luck with your move,


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