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Jun 08, 08:39
Question by debbiev (Debbie)

Need help finding a Cincinnati moving company with storage

Hi! I am looking for a moving/storage company for my mom. She just sold her condo and will need to have almost all her furniture put into storage until she finds a retirement community. HELP! How do I find a reputable, fair, great mover? We are in Cincinnati, Ohio. Thank you! Debbie

Jun 09, 09:59
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

I'll assume you're moving within Ohio. Pretty much any local moving company can move her items into a storage facility until she knows where she will be living permanently.

However, it might be a bit more costly than other options, since you're essentially paying for two moves -- from your home to a storage facility, and from the storage facility to your mother's new home. You'll have storage costs as well.
Also, even if the move is small, the moving companies often have a minimum charge for their move so they cover their expenses.
In addition to moving companies, also look into mobile storage facilities, like those offered through PODs or ABF U-Pack. In this option, you pack a storage container that the company brings to your home, and then the company picks it up to store it until you need it.
I would compare the costs between a moving company and mobile storage facilities, and decide how much work you're willing to do on your own. The cost differences could be significant.
If you want to check out Cincinnati moving companies, first insist that the moving company comes to your mother's home to see EXACTLY what you need moved. Have at least 3 moving companies give you quotes.
If a moving company gives you a very low quote, avoid that company -- they might be trying to win your business with a low bid, but then add charges later.
When you have settled on a moving company that you favor, first check to see if it's registered to conduct local moves in the state of Ohio. You can check that with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) -- this government agency regulates moving companies in Ohio. 
Also check with the Federal agency that oversees movers -- if the mover you're using does interstate moves, it's required to register here as well. The Website is  You can also see complaints that have been lodged, as well as the moving company's insurance.
Finally, check with your local BBB for complaints, and also do a search online for the moving company (search the movers name and "reviews").
It sounds like a lot of work, but it's not, and because you're essentially doing two moves, you really want to be sure you get a quality moving company. 
Also, I'd encourage you to see if you can pare down your mother's belongings -- it will make the move easier, it'll cost less, and she'll probably have a smaller space anyways at her new home in the retirement community.

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Good luck with your move,

Tim J. @

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