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Jun 06, 21:44
Question by leah (leah)

Will movers handle just a few pieces of furniture for a Florida move?

I have a bedroom set to move from my garage in Lake Worth, Florida, to my brother's apt. bldg in St. Petersburg, FL. It consists of a king bedframe -- wooden headboard and footboard and side rails (which is unassembled at present and will need to be assembled upon delivery) -- 1 dresser with a detached (framed) mirror and 2 nightstands. What kind of a mover is best to look for? And is this something that can be done within a weekend? Thank you for your response.

Jun 09, 11:11
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

The short answer is yes, moving companies will do this sort of small, local move.

The longer answer is yes, but it will cost you. Most moving companies charge a minimum amount for a move, and rightly so -- they have certain fixed costs that they incur whether the move is 3 hours or 8. You'll most likely pay for your move by the hour.
There are also some moving companies -- like Mini-Moves and Apartment Movers -- that specialize in smaller loads.

So I'd look at a couple 'regular' movers, and movers that specialize in smaller loads.

Who are you planning on having assembly that bed? The moving company might do it, but you'd probably face an additional charge. You'll save money doing it yourself.

One other thing: Make sure to clarify about 'traveling time' from your old place to your new place. It's about 4 hours between Lake Worth and St. Petersburg.

If you are not in a hurry, you may want to call St. Petersburg movers to see if they will have a truck in the Lake Worth area that could pick up your items in Lake Worth and bring them back to St. Petersburg.  This would eliminate the travel time one way, and the moving company may give you a good price -- they'd be happy to avoid 'dead-heading.'

Finally, Florida can be notorious for rogue moving companies. Make sure you check out their licensing and read up on their BBB reports before picking a mover. And don't choose a moving company that offers you a ridiculously low bid -- if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

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Good luck with your move,

Tim J. @

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