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Jun 06, 16:57
Question by terrademarlboro (marcelo)

Moving from New York to Rio de Janeiro - how to ship things?

I need to send some furniture, clothes, books and papers, in a small budget from New York to brazil (rio de janeiro).. what companies should i look for?

Jun 09, 15:15
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

International moving companies would probably not be interested in such a small move, but I'd ask a few just to see what they say and get some moving quotes. Your other options are the parcel carriers like FedEx and the like -- you might find it's cheaper to do it this way, particularly if you're not pressed for time and you can choose a lower-priced service (non-rush status, etc.). Also check Navis: They specialize in loads that are too big for parcel carriers but not big enough for moving companies.

Finally, you sure you need that stuff? Many people will often pay more to ship stuff that they could more cheaply purchase in the country they're moving to. I'd look through your stuff and be brutal about the things that you absolutely need. Books, for example, are very heavy and can quickly add to your costs.

Best of luck with your move!

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Good luck with your move,

Tim J. @

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