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May 26, 16:20
Question by sabahtehrn (Sabah)

How to know if this moving company is a scam?

I am planning to move the end of next month and I started searching the internet for a good deal with a reliable moving company. I asked for an estimate from one company and found them to be very flexible and their price was relatively low. I was expecting the agent whom I was communicating through email to want to set up a time to come and look at what we had. But he said we'll give you a flat rate and never set up an appointment. I also have not seen their physical location. Then I asked them if I'd be receiving a contract. The agent sent me a contract in the email as an attachment and told me that there is no need for any signature. I feel very uncomfortable with this arrangement. So, I started searching and found out about scams in moving companies. I don't want to accuse this moving company of anything but just like to get some opinions about the way they have handled things. Are these red flags or am I being too cautious?

May 28, 17:17
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


You are not being too cautious. You can never be too cautious when it comes to moving.

Here is what you should do: get at least two VISUAL estimates, meaning have two additional moving companies send you someone to look at your stuff, give you a serious estimate, and make it binding (flat, fixed, guaranteed, guaranteed not to exceed, any of those work fine). Have them specify that EVERYTHING is included in that price (things like boxes). Make sure they list EVERYTHING you plan to move -- otherwise you could face surprises later on.

Then, after having those estimates in front of you, compare them to the one you got from that other company. If what they offered indeed much less than what you got from the two movers who came over, you could always call and ask them "Why?". If they are scammers you would never hear from them again.
Bottom line is - get real estimates, and get something signed BEFORE you make any decision. And another rule of thumb - when you suspect shenanigans (and this company just reeks of shenanigans) just strike that company off your list, regardless of what they offer you.

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Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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