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May 05, 20:11
Question by farooqghouri (Farooq Ghouri)

My mover is asking for a deposit - should I pay?

I am working with moving companies to get a quote for a move from Kansas to Maine. One of the moving company is Moovers Inc ( I choose this company because of its A+ rating on BBB and strong recommendation by movingscam website. The company is asking for a deposit of $ 250. Should I consider paying them the deposit, the not to exceed estimate for the move is $4313.00. 

May 08, 16:12
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

 There a couple of different schools of thought on this:

School A: You should NEVER pay a deposit for a moving company, because you can get ripped off.

School B: Deposits are common for pretty much any large financial transaction you face.

I side with School B, so long as the deposit isn't crazy, like more than a few hundred bucks. The moving company is just looking out for its interests in case the consumer cancels at the last second -- cancellations mean lost business for a moving company if they can't find other business to fill the scheduling hole that your cancellation has created.

If you do pay a deposit, get the terms in writing, particularly the terms of the cancellation policy. Another safeguard is to put the deposit on your credit card; that way, if anything bad happens, you can contest the charge with your credit card company.

Note that a deposit is different from paying for move up front.

That's a little trickier, and something you should be more on your guard about. You won't get this request often, but some moving companies will ask for half or more of the moving costs upfront, usually on the day of your move. You need to seriously question that request. Why would you give them half the moving costs when they have all of your stuff already? Are you paying for their gas money or something? (If you are, probably best to look for another moving company...)

For the record, most moving companies ask for payment at the end of your move. Either way, make sure you know when your moving company wants to be paid, and what forms of payment they accept.

Good luck with your move,

Tim J. @

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