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Apr 27, 09:57
Question by ryan.johnson-664 (ryan.johnson)

I have a new job, but no money for moving, how can I do it?

I have accepted a job and am waiting on a background check for a start date. My problem is affording a move. I have been unemployed for a year now and have no unemployment benefits left. I have no money to move to a new area, set up, and live there until my first paycheck comes in. Do you know of any grants or loans available to people moving for a job? With the number of unemployed, it's not like people can afford to turn down any job. Thank you for your time.

Apr 27, 13:28
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

First of all, congrats on getting a job offer! Thatís a significant accomplishment in this economy, and you should be proud of yourself.  

Now let's get you moved.

Paying for Your Move:

* Ask your prospective employer for an advance, or ask if there are any relocation expenses available. Explain your situation. However, you need to be comfortable making this request, and you need to be confident that your employer will be receptive to the request. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize a job offer by turning off your new employer before you even start a new job.

* Putting your move on a credit card might make sense. Most moving companies take credit cards (but be sure to ask). Just consider it short-term credit that you'll pay off as soon as you can. Even if you find yourself paying an exorbitant rate, it might still make sense so you can start working again.

* Borrow from family, friends. Again, not usually something people want to do, but in your case and for your reasons, you might find people sympathetic to your request.

* Some states maintain funds for people who are relocating to start new work. Ask the agency where you collected unemployment benefits. This might only be available for moving within state, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

* Keep in mind that you'll probably be able to write off expenses related to your move. Granted, you won't have that money until you file your taxes for '09, but it might make you feel better about using credit cards or asking family/friends for a short-term loan to know that you'll be getting some of that money back. Here's more information on moving tax deductions.

Affording Your Move:

* Doing it yourself is always an option, of course, but there are also other services that don't require as much work on your part. For example, you can do self-service moving, which means you are responsible for packing and loading a truck, but someone else does the driving. The biggest hassle of a do-it-yourself move is the truck; self-service moving helps you avoid that. Some major companies that do this include ABF U-Pack.

* You might want to consider putting many of your items in storage and moving only a small amount of stuff to your new home (maybe whatever you can fit in your car). That way you don't have the expense of a move, and you should hopefully be able to afford storage costs while you're working in your new job. Once the financial future clears, you can then pick up your items in storage. Shop around for storage rates, and ask about special offers.

* Finally, whatever you do, try to get rid of stuff you don't need. You'll save money on moving and storage, and you won't need as large a place when you do move to a new community, which will cut your living expenses there. Here are some tips on getting rid of stuff you don't need.

Finally, congrats! Getting a job is a major vote of confidence in you and your abilities. Savor that more than worrying about the move!

Good luck with your move,

Tim J. @

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