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Jan 12, 19:26
Question by George (George) - is it a reliable site?

Have you heard of this site or do you have any kind of review on it? (

Jan 14, 22:08
Answer by bobfein (Bob F.)

It seems to be a recently launched site, since none of us ever heard of it.

After checking it out I can say its pretty modest and says very little about the people behind it. As far as I understand it was created by someone named Nicholas Walker, "a working owner of an independent moving company as well as a moving consultant ... consolidated more than 20 years of experience and knowledge into two 20-25 minute DVDs...". Probably, "Moving Made Simple" is the name of his moving company.

As far as the content goes, I personally liked the previews of their DVDs (it kind of took me back to the nostalgic days of being a mover) and I think whatever they have to show on those DVDs would certainly be worth the $24 they want for it.

To extend our investigation I sent an email to those guys with questions regarding their site and DVDs. Hopefully they will respond soon and maybe even send us those DVDs for thorough review. If they are as good as I think they are then we would certainly help to promote these guys on Moving Answers, since "one picture is worth a thousand words", not to mention a video.

One thing is for sure - those guys are not set to spam search engines (which is a good thing) since they have some obvious misconceptions regarding how to structure the site itself (but that is beyond the scope of this question anyway)

Good luck with your move,

Bob F. @

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Jan 16, 19:38
Comment by bobfein (Bob F.)

Here is the response we got from the owner of

My name is Nicholas Walker I have been in the moving industry for over 15 years (, I was raised in Kansas where I had the opportunity to see quality up close and personal, not only in construction and education but also in the quality of life. On the East Coast everything is based on quantity.

In 1987 I started moving furniture on a flook / favor on a Saturday in April. Over the years working with families utilizing the rental truck industry, it seems when picking up a rental truck they do not realize you need pads to protect their furniture (lives), because people move their lives everyday ( 120,000 a day), and with out the proper knowledge of how to protect their lives while moving I put these DVDs together for the peoples of our great land to help them protect their furniture and understand how the puzzle fits in the truck, so they might be able to save the price of a trailer or a second small truck.

If you have an interest in helping the 18 million people who utilize rental trucks or the 42 million people who pack their lives in a box every year, I will be happy to send you a complimentary set of DVDs, if we can get an address.


Once we get those DVDs we will go over them and see how good they are.

Jan 22, 22:13
Comment by bobfein (Bob F.)

We received the DVDs and they are very good.
Believe it or not I actually learned some new stuff out of them.

The "How to pack your life in a box" video is especially helpful, since most people who end up hiring a mover still pack their own items (and I would always recommend doing it, as long as you know how - and that's where Moving Made Simple material becomes very useful). And, of course, if you plan to rent a truck or hire a self service transportation company then "How to pack your life in a truck" video is simply a must.

The videos are 20 minutes each, and require at least 3-4 views each over time until you absorb enough knowledge. There were couple of things missing, such as how to pack electronics, but overall the videos are more than worth the money you would pay for them.

Overall I would say good job to Nicholas and his team.

Moving Made Simple

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