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Aug 01, 08:55
Question by kimk (Kim K.)

Tipping the movers

Do I suppose to tip the movers? I yes, then how much should the tip be? I am moving locally and I have booked 3 movers for a 4 hour move plus one hour travel time. Thanks, Kim

Aug 01, 11:10
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


Yes, it is customary to tip your movers, but it is never obligatory. You should only tip them if they showed professionalism in handling your belongings and displayed healthy customer service habbits.

In your case if everything would go smooth you would be expected to tip them $15 each ($20 if you have some heavy furniture or walk-up). When tipping make sure you give the tip to each mover individually. For a better assessment of what would be considered an adequate tip use our movers tipping calculator.

Keep in mind though that some things in the overall service that might angry or irritate you (such as underestimation of actual move time, or some misleading information from the salesperson that implicated your entire moving experience this way or another) might have very little to do with the actual hard work the movers did for you. They are still getting paid only $8-$10 an hour, so tipping them is your way to say "thank you."

Don't punish them for working for the wrong company!

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Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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