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Feb 07, 11:18
Question by matt.finnie-666 (Matt)

Can someone move my garden plants for me?

Are there companies that offer specialized services in moving garden plants interstate? I have too many to dig, pack, move, and replant in time to avoid lots of loss, and they are valuable or hard enough to find that I want to take them. I would be looking for someone to do the digging, packing, and moving, but I would probably be responsible for the replanting.

Feb 09, 12:23
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

I'm not aware of any, and I checked around and can't seem to find anyone that is. Most long distance moving companies won't even allow you to do this -- there's just too great a risk in harming the plants in the moving van. 

I would open up the yellow pages in my home town and call local nurseries -- they might know of such a service. You might be able to hook up with a company like that to ship your plants, assuming you have enough of them and it's worth their while.  If you really want to keep and have them at your new place, you might consider renting a van and hiring some help to move them. You'd have to trust the people enough to know how to do the digging, packing and moving properly. Here are some more tips on moving plants.

Good luck with your move,

Tim J. @

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