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-> Licensing questions
Dec 17, 17:43
Question by troublsum718 (Nick starr)

Where can I find a list of moving brokers?

I went online to fill out a moving form after a couple of companys called me they kept talking about avoid brokers. Now i'm kinda worried they said brokers do not have their own trucks and that they would broker the job to a company who does have trucks (HENCE THE NAME 'BROKERS') So i was wondering if someone out there can give me a complete list of all the brokers out there so I know which ones to avoid. Thanks. Nick

Feb 04, 14:39
Answer by tjohnson (Tim J.)

Were that it was so easy...

You’re right in wanting to avoid brokers. For those who don’t know, brokers take your moving job and try to find a moving company to complete it. So you might have no idea who’s doing your actual move. The brokers often attempt to masquerade as movers themselves. When you move, you always want to deal with the people who are actually moving you for the ENTIRE PROCESS.

Because brokers sometimes try to hide the fact that they’re just brokering out your job, it can hard to tell if they’re a broker. And there’s no list of brokers – you just have to ferret them out from the real movers.

Here’s how:

* Ask them. Granted, the unscrupulous ones won’t tell you, but ask anyway.

* When you get an estimate for your move, the estimator should present identification, and the name of that company should match the paperwork that you receive, such as the estimate, the order for service, the bill of lading, etc. (Here's more information on moving paperwork.)

* Get their DOT number. Brokers are required to register with the same agency that regulates movers: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Enter information about the company. If it’s a broker, it will say household goods broker.


* Ask if you can visit their facilities (always go with a local mover if you can). If they won’t let you, that’s a bad sign. If it’s a moving company, they should have no problem with you visiting. There should be trucks there with the name of the company. If not, ask. And be suspicious.

Good luck with your move,

Tim J. @

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