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-> Unpacking questions
Nov 24, 11:37
Question by rwoods (Rod)

What's the best way to check moving inventory at unloading?

When the van arrives at the destination and you are trying to inventory everything, look inside boxes to ensure that all the stuff is still there, and analyze your furniture for damage, how patient is the driver? When I read complaints there seems to be no satisfaction to a claim if the problem was not addressed before signing the inventory release at unloading.

Nov 24, 12:32
Answer by cmorris (Charlie Morris)


One of the first things the mover will do after arriving at your home is to create an inventory list for your items. He will catalogue all the things to be packed, and assess the condition of each item to be loaded onto the van. You need to make sure you agree with this assessment, because if you need to file a complaint, if the item was labeled as being in poor condition, you might have a hard time claiming damage was done. (See this article for the types of moving paperwork you'll encounter during your move.
After the items are on the moving van, you will be asked to sign the moving inventory (see this article for more about the moving inventory).

At your destination, use the inventory to check off that you've received the items. This will make you reasonably sure you have the items. Have two people available to help with the move-in. One person is in charge with helping the movers put items in the right place. The other person's job is checking the inventory – and ONLY that.

However, it's unrealistic to think you can go through every box. And you don't have to – whether or not you catch any moving damage when your stuff is unloaded, you can still make a claim. You should note on the inventory sheet any obvious damage, either to large pieces like furniture, or boxes that appeared to have been crushed. Just note it on the inventory form before signing it, and then pursue a claim later if anything's been damaged.

Again, just because you sign the moving inventory after your stuff is delivered does NOT mean you can't file a complaint if something is damaged or missing. It makes your case stronger if you notice the damage at unloading, but you should have some peace of mind that you don't have to identify EVERYTHING that might be amiss.

As far as the driver getting antsy as you check your stuff… that's not your problem. However, if you get into a groove checking your stuff when you move in, there shouldn't be a lot of time for the driver to wait while you do this.

Good luck with your move,

Charlie Morris @

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