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Jun 16, 03:54
Question by blagoves (Anastasia)

Expensive furniture moving, storage and insurance - my best options?

I will need to arrange for a local move (25 miles) of expensive heavy mahogany furniture and would need to store it in the humidity-controlled storage facility for 2 - 7 months (depending on how fast the house sells) before it gets to its final destination. Please advise me on my best options. Do all the movers offer the option of such storage or should I look for it elsewhere? What type of insurance would I need? Thanks a lot, Anastasia

Jun 16, 22:11
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


First of all, since you are talking about some expensive antique furniture I would recommend you to look for specialty storage facility. Since storage is usually not the main line of business of a typical moving company, your furniture would be better off staying all those months in a dedicated climate-controlled storage facility.

Regarding insurance: I believe you can insure your items for the move, not sure about the storage. I would recommend you to check your options directly with a moving insurance company (for example visit The insurance is usually not expensive.

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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