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May 13, 16:08
Question by nward1234 (Nathan Ward)

Typical hourly rate

Is there an easy way to determine the typical hourly rate for a given region, such as Northern Virginia where I'm about to make a local move -- 4.5 miles). I've gotten quotes over the phone ranging from $85 per hour for 3 workers (supposedly professional movers) and a truck to $175 per hour for four movers and two trucks. I know I need to have some movers give me in-home estimates and do some more research about the companies, but I would think that this much difference in price should tell me something.

May 13, 17:00
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


The price you got for three movers seems to be very decent. Comparing to the prices here in New York City $85 for 3 movers and a truck seem to be about right (I would say the acceptable range would be $80-$100 per hour).  

$175 for four seems to be a bit expensive, although here we should pay attention to the fact that they plan to send 2 trucks instead of one - which raises a question: how big is your move? The only reason to send two trucks is if your items cannot fit in one (unless their trucks are small). In case your move does require two trucks, having only one would delay the move and result in more hours (although I doubt it will double the time...).

In any case, make sure you have few visual estimates before you book with any company, and if you manage to negotiate a flat price for your move then you will no longer care about the hourly rate. 

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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May 19, 20:34
Comment by Leaha (W. Thompson)

The way the rates are written, I can't determine if the quoted rate per hr. is for each person (if using more than one helper) or for the total cost per hr for all. Nowhere in the internet ads have I been able to find any phone numbers so I could ask.
After reading the terms of the "legal agreement" you are ask to sign befor getting all of your questions answered leaves me with a lot more questions!!! Hopefully I will get some factual answers back to these questions. Thanks, W. Thompson

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