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Nov 29, 12:58
Question by metz1055 (Max)

Getting rid of unwanted stuff

What would be the best way to get rid of stuff I can not take with me? I don't know anyone to sell them to. I am in an apartment. Thanks Max

Dec 02, 17:16
Answer by bobfein (Bob F.)


Since you live in New York City the best thing to do with your unwanted stuff is to offer it for sale on (its free). I personally know at least a dozen of people (including myself and practically everyone in Moving Answers) that found stuff they needed on craigslist - and it includes all kinds of furniture, appliances, desktops, laptops, and even a sitar. All you need to do is this: go to their For Sale section (make sure you are on New York City site first), and place classified ad for each item in the correct category.

There are few other classified sites you could use like, and few other New York sites with good classifieds sections for different communities (like Hispanic, Polish, Russian, Indian etc.), but you probably need to know the language to post there.

Another online resource that you probably could use is Ebay, but that if you have time and patience (and probably someone experienced selling stuff on Ebay to help you start).

Offline resources: since you are moving out of apartment I believe garage sale is not an option. You could probably try to sell your items the traditional (or should I say, the old fashion) way by placing ads in classifieds sections of printed newspapers and magazines. Keep in mind: since in New York City is supported by The Village Voice you can buy a printed ad in The Village Voice when placing a free ad in

Finally, there is another way to make money getting rid of stuff you dont need and cant sell anywhere - just donate it. Besides the added value of feeling good about helping other people and not cluttering our planet with extra garbage, you can actually benefit financially from donating stuff. Our government still encourages people to be nice to other people by giving a tax break on certain donations. Its not a lot of money, but hey - every dollar counts.

I donate my stuff to Salvation Army, although you could probably find many organizations worth donating your stuff to. I like Salvation Army because they actually bring a truck and load all the furniture and bags of cloth (or whatever stuff you want to give away), so its pretty convenient. You need to schedule an appointment though, and it could take them few weeks from the time you call to actually do the pickup, so plan it early. If I am not mistaken their phone number in New York is 212-337-7200.

Good luck with your move,

Bob F. @

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Dec 11, 23:08
Comment by metz1055 (Max)

I am looking to sell some of my furniture. Where can I do to check out some companies who buy and sell used furniture?

Dec 11, 23:17
Comment by bobfein (Bob F.)

The best place to sell your used furniture in New York is on (the furniture section). I would suggest you to offer all of your furniture in one ad, this way people who read it will have the option to choose. And another advice - never advertise without several good pictures of the items from different angles. If you have the ability to actually deliver your furniture to the buyers ans you are willing to do it then definitely advertise it in the subject.

Other places are OK too, but craigslist is the most visited.

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