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Nov 28, 09:27
Question by metz1055 (Max)

Long distance move - getting labels for the boxes and furniture

Do moving company supply labels for boxes and furnitures? or do I need to purchase them? If so where can I get them to purchase?

Nov 28, 18:03
Answer by bobfein (Bob F.)

All long distance moving companies are required by law to make an inventory list of all your items that they load on their truck, and mark each of your items with special colored stickers with numbers on a carbon-copy inventory sheet. The foreman is supposed to have the roll with the contract when they come to your pickup location, and usually they don't forget (you can try to call the dispatch and remind them not to forget it, if you are really concerned, but I doubt it will make a difference).

When the team starts the pickup foreman is supposed to detach the first sticker from the roll (if its a new roll that would be sticker number 0) and attach it to the inventory sheet - all that in front of you.

Then the foreman should attach a sticker to each item and write the sticker number and item description in the inventory sheet. When the pickup is done the foreman should attach another sticker to the inventory sheet (if you have 100 items and the roll starts from #0 then it will be sticker #101). Then you should receive a customer copy of the inventory sheet together with a copy of Bill of Lading and Order for Service.

On delivery you should compare your copy of the inventory list with the actual items that you receive from the delivery truck, and if any of the items are missing or damaged their stick number will be used as reference for claim.

Keeping that in mind I would still recommend you to numerate your boxes with numbers (big and red) to keep the track of them regardless of the stickers. And another advise - write your name and destination address on each box, so that in case its lost and found by the company it would be easily identified as your box and mailed to you.

Good luck with your move,

Bob F. @

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