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Mar 03, 17:11
Question by Cloveinred (Courtney Ter-Velde)

Moving from CA to NY, what would be the price range?

I am currently planning a move from CA to upstate NY. I have received a few quotes roughly 2200-2400 for a 1 bedroom+ with a few heavier antiques. I feel the most confident about CA NY Express moving Co. but don't know much about them. Do these quotes seems accurate and do you have any information on this moving company? Also, I was told FREE STORAGE doesnt really come most places are offering this for 1 month??? Thanks

Mar 03, 22:28
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


Roughly speaking, one bedroom apartment with few pieces of antique furniture would weigh in a rangeof 4,000-5,000 lbs. With prices from California to New York being in a range of $0.60-$0.80 ($0.60 is really cheap...) you are looking at a reasonable price range of $2,400-$4,000 for transportation only. Add to that extra costs such as boxes and packing materials that you will probably be charged for and you are geting very far from the range you specifie in the question.

I would recmmend you to seek flat price for your move, and to get that please have visual estimators from at least 3 companies do an on-site survey and leave a written proposal with a flat rate (also called fixed or binding) for the entire move.

Regarding free storage - that infomation is correct. Almost all long distance companies offer at least one month of free storage. What it really means is this: if you choose that option your items will be unloaded and (usually) stored on wooden pallets in an open transitional storage. To be completely honest with you this is not the best option for storing your items, but most consumers have no control over how their items are handled in those transitional storages. 

What it also means is that once the month is over it does not necessarily mean that your items will be dispatched immediately - usually a moving company reserves the right to dispatch your items any day within 2-4 weeks (depending on your contract), so you might end up waiting additional month for your items to be scheduled for hauling.

Regarding the company you mentioned - on our home page we keep a notice that we unfortunately do not rate companies publicly any more, but I would suggest you to check how we rated companies in the past and follow the same steps - you will g a pretty good picture of what this company really is.


Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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