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Jan 14, 20:48
Question by mgmm (Mary )

How big are those U-Load We-Drive containers?

Please tell me about these crates that a U Load We Drive moving service leaves. How big? I am a middle age woman, strong and healthy. I will be willing to load, yet am wondering about these crates. Please describe them to me.

Jan 14, 21:41
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


When using U-Pack We-Drive company you usually have several options, depending on the company you choose and your needs/preferences.

Each company has their own unique types of containers, for example PODS® (Portable On Demand Storage), or ABF's ReloCube® that you rent and use exclusively (load your items and lock with your lock like any other storage unit). Those containers are then hauled to your final destination. They vary in size and are perfect for medium-small shipments (300-400 cubic feet), and look like small storage units, like "detached" from the ground, so to speak.

Another option is to use some space on the truck for your shipment. In that case you pay per linear space your shipment takes in the truck (usually there is a minimum, for example 5 feet, depending on the company). In reality, if the truck is 28'x8'x9' then your minimum shipment is 360 cubic feet, and maximum that what would fit in this truck is 2000 cubic feet.

To see what self moving companies have to offer in your area you are welcome to fill our free U-Pack We-Drive quotes form.

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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