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Nov 22, 12:19
Question by currie (Currie Silver)

Finding used boxes

I would think it should be easy to get used boxes, especially around the holidays. I have just put my house on the market and hope to be moving by February or March. I'm also starting to have sales to purge A LOT of stuff and hopefully reduce the number of boxes I will need to move. Do you have any suggestions for places to ask for boxes and the best way to ask. It is weird because I have moved so many times and always gave away the boxes, but now, when I want to find them I am feeling stuck. Thanks.

Nov 23, 14:32
Answer by henry (Henry Peterson)


There are several online services that offer used boxes, however we haven't found any that offer free used boxes. For example, serves as a marketplace for used boxes - this site allows people to sell their used boxes to other people. Although it probably serves a good cause of recycling, we discovered that most people overprice their boxes, and also require you to pick them up from their homes. Since today cardboard is recycled anyway, it makes more sense to buy new boxes online and have them delivered to your home. This site is still a good place to keep in mind if you decide to get rid of your own used boxes - but I wouldn't recommend selling them, just give them away like you did before.

Another online place I would recommend to visit is (you probably know about this site already). It is number one classifieds place on the web and is very much community oriented. Find your city and under "for sale" section find "free" subsection. Sometimes people will list their used boxes that they want someone to pick up. You can also place an ad offering to pick up used boxes.

Additional advise: end of the month is when most people move, so that's the time to intensify the search for used boxes.

And most important - don't use any boxes that were not originally designed for moving (like grocery cartons). For local moves you can also use sturdy garbage bags (see this thread - What kind of packing materials to use for local move).

If in the end you will decide to buy new boxes for your move we recommend wholesale moving boxes and supplies provided by Smartpack Solutions LLC. They offer reliable and fast service, and it is usually cheaper to purchase the boxes online and in big bundles.

Good luck with your move,

Henry Peterson @

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Nov 24, 13:31
Comment by currie (Currie Silver)

Henry, what a nice reply and very thoughtful, too. I think you must know that I am doing this on my own this time, for my partner and for me since she is in the hospital. So, I definitely agree about the boxes online. Seems a great option. Also did have some luck with but I will see how the price part works. I'll also check craigslist. I had put some stuff on there a few weeks ago so I am glad for your reminder. And I will plan to recycle or give away our boxes when we are moved into wherever - that part is still up in the air, selling here, first, then cross that bridge - so thank you so much for replying, and I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving,

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