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Nov 05, 09:23
Question by bobmasone (Bob Masone)

Is it OK to store electronics in a garage over the winter?

Is it OK to store electronics (older tube TVs specifically) in a garage over the winter? It will remain dry but it will stay below freezing for a few months). Thanks in advance

Nov 05, 10:25
Answer by henry (Henry Peterson)

Well Bob, this is the thing:

Electronic equipment can be damaged by cold, by moisture and especially by the combination of the two. If you are sure that your garage is relatively dry, like below 50% humidity, then it probably won't get corroded.

That leaves us to address the cold issue:

Most consumer electronics are designed to operate above 32F (0C) and to be stored above 14F (-10C). Those figures are usually for 90% humidity levels. In a dry garage you can go a little lower. Those ratings, however, do not necessarily mean that the equipment won't survive, it only means that the manufacturer has not tested the equipment in lower temperatures. So although it is a risk, it is a modest one.

As for your specific equipment (old tube TV), it shouldn't be any different from any other device, as the tube does not contain liquids or gases which can solidify and crack the tube.

To summarize, if we are talking of temperatures above zero (F) in a dry garage, it would probably be ok.

Good luck with your move,

Henry Peterson @

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