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Nov 10, 18:13
Question by carlito (Carl )

How to pack a very big TV set

I need to move a large TV (30") to another apartment. How should I pack it? I don't have the original box, and none of the TV boxes I found for sale would be enough to fit it. Please help. Thank you. Carl

Nov 10, 23:39
Answer by henry (Henry Peterson)

Packing large TV sets is a skill that takes time to acquire.

Personally, I know only a handful of seasoned movers that know how to do it. Unfortunately, finding them is a challenge, since majority of moving companies would claim to have experienced packers in each of their teams, which is often far from being true.

Typical TV box can be used to pack TVs or computer monitors up to 19". The following technique will work for TV sets up to 32". For larger TV sets a more sophisticated packing method should be used - but that is beyond the scope of this question.

The trick is to build a box around the TV. For that purpose you need two TV boxes (or just two extra large boxes), about 20 feet of bubble wrap, a roll of moving tape, and a box-cutter. Few small pillows, blankets, or towels would also be useful.

STEP 1: Protect the screen by placing the bubble wrap to the surface of the screen and taping it to the body of the TV set. Bubble wrap has to cover all the surface, and should be taped tightly. Keep in mind: do not apply the tape directly on the screen.

STEP 2: Now it's time to prepare and build the box around the TV. Start from building the two boxes leaving the top open (learn here how to build a box).

Then place each box on its side and position them with the open sides facing each other.

Now you need to cut the boxes along the top lines as shown in the sketch (marked with red):

Next insert one box inside the other as shown in the sketch, leaving enough space for the TV to fit in.

STEP 3: Placing the TV inside the box structure. Start from padding the box you just built with the pillows/blankets/towels you prepared in advance. Then make sure you have someone strong to help you carefully lift the TV and place it inside the box.

Once inside, push the boxes towards each other until the TV set is firmly fixed inside the structure. Don't close the top yet - first tape the perimeter of the structure to fix the boxes together. Then close the top of the external box, cover it up with the top of the internal box, and tape them to the structure.

Following sketch shows how the whole thing should look like in the end:

Thats would be it in terms of packing the TV.

An advice on how to move the TV - try to avoid moving it yourself if you can. For that purpose use a moving dolly (every moving team should have at least one) and roll the box on flat surfaces. Use elevators and lift gates. Slide it carefully up or down the stairs if elevator is not available - but make sure someone stands by to prevent it from falling.

Finally, if its an expensive TV you should probably insure it before moving.

Good luck with your move,

Henry Peterson @

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