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-> Planning the packing process
Aug 10, 15:16
Question by bobster1996 (bob)

What room should I pack up first?

What room should I pack up first?

Aug 11, 15:33
Answer by henry (Henry Peterson)


First of all, before you start any packing you should designate a room or space closer to the door where you will stack all the packed boxes. I call it "packing headquarters" since you would naturally place all the packing materials as well.

Then I would say kitchen is a good candidate to start from. Usually, kitchen is one of the most annoying and time consuming rooms to pack, so starting from it in the beginning when you are still fresh will be the right choice. Also, kitchen has many items that you seldom use, so you will be able to pack 90% of it and still have all the other useful items handy.

Please consult our Moving Guide to learn more about other packing techniques and tips.

Also, offers some great training material for packing beginners.

Good luck with your move,

Henry Peterson @

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