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Jul 12, 09:25
Question by rachelnyc04 (Rachel)

Consumer Report: Echo Trans World Inc #019522N

1. Echo Trans World Inc #019522N ) 2. Have received several quotes, latest of which is: $3895 for 350 Cft not including local duties and taxes, THC at destination, fumigation charges, demurrage, customs inspection and scanning and long carry. 3/4. I am moving a 1 bedrom apartment with dining set (no major living room pieces) from Arlington, VA to Geneva, Switzerland. No car, nothing unusual except for heavy furniture.

Jul 14, 01:06
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)

Since Our SOUR formula is not fit to rate international movers I will only present the results of my findings without rating this company:
  1. Their website has a link to the scanned image of their FMC licensing, showing that this company is an international moving broker since August 2005. There was no other valuable information e.g. their address.

  2. I found two addresses associated with this company: 1430 Broadway, #1301, New York, NY 10018, and 350 Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy, #404, Happauge, NY 11788 (both from the Better Business Bureau report).

  3. Their BBB record shows 20 complaints (a pretty high number), but what is more alarming is the following information listed under Nature of Business:
    Consumers allege to the BBB that Echo Trans World over-charges for its services. Consumers claim that their final price is unreasonably higher than the original quote. Consumers also report confusion involving proper paperwork for international shipping and allege that the company did not give enough information up front in order for consumers to make an educated purchase.

    Also, under Customer Experience:
    Based on BBB files, this business has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau, because there is a pattern of complaints, and the business has not corrected the underlying reason for the complaints. .

  4. There are numerous discussions and complaints listed on, however I did not find any other places with complaints on that company.

I would suggest you to be very careful with this company, there are many red flags. You can get some more quotes from international movers, and collect at least 3 visual estimates before you decide on a mover. You can also try the agents of major van lines, since most of them are licensed to do international moves.

In any case, I would recommend for everyone moving abroad to read this article from Federal Maritime Commission's website: Complaints or Inquiries Involving Individual Shipments of Household Goods or Private Automobiles.

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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