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Jul 04, 10:27
Question by kltsparky (Karen Taylor)

Consumer Report: Self-Moves USA, MC# 450353

Hello, please perform a Consumer Investigation on this broker Self-Moves USA based in Purcellville, VA -- MC # 450353. They sent me contract # 07180-0008 for my move from Manchester, CT to Aurora, CO which states 'for the price of $1550.00, Self-Moves USA a Federally Licensed Household Goods Broker will arrange for a trailer with a USDOT-FMSCA registered motor common carrier of Self-Moves USA choice. For the price listed above, customer is authorized to use 6' lineal feet -- which includes the full width (8ft) and hright (9ft) of the trailer. Each additional foot over 6 feet will be charged at the rate of $200 per foot.' The carrier they choose will spot a 28 foot trailer at the origin point on July 19, we will load and secure the trailer with two 8x4 plywood sheets which we provide and load lock bars which they provide to secure the bulkhead of the trailer. The carrier will then pick up the load on July 20, to reach Aurora, CO on or about July 27 and deliver right to our address there. They send no company representative to the origin location to inspect the items to be moved to determine lineal footage needed or weight of the shipment. We simply load the trailer and measure after it's loaded. They have stated their liability limitations, water damage limitations, assumption of risk statement, notification, cancellation and payment policies. We don't pay a deposit, the full payment isn't made until we take delivery of our items. They accept cash, money order, check or credit card payments. They are BBB members and BBB Online Reliability Program members. Their BBB rating is satisfactory. Have you had any dealings with this broker? I am wondering if communication is good with this company and their customers? Would I be better off dealing directly with a mover instead of through a broker?

Jul 06, 00:16
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


Usually we do not recommend using moving brokers (see this thread: Is there a difference between moving brokers and regular movers), since they are often involved in scamming consumers, and due to the fact that it is always better to deal directly with the movers.

Self-Moves USA ( is a special kind of broker, since they organize self moves (as opposed to full service movers). According to their Better Business Bureau file this company had 12 complaints in the last 3 years, which is an acceptable number of complaints compared to many other brokers, although it is very difficult to establish the volume of moving brokers since they do not have their own trucks).

As to their public image - there is a very ineresting discussion on that I would recommend you to read, that is all about Self-Moves USA: I think you could get some valuable info from that thread, for example the contact information of the owner, Kevin Miller.

Other then that I haven't found any other complaints about this company. The fact that they do not require any prepayment is also good.

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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