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Jul 27, 03:33
Question by jeremy (Jeremy)

Transporting car from east to west coast

I need to move my car from the east coast to the west coast. Since I've never did it before I have no idea where to start. Could you please advise me how the car moving process goes, where to start and what pitfalls to avoid? Thank you.

Jul 28, 07:20
Answer by julie (Julie Owens)

Since you have never dealt with auto transport let me first describe the auto transport process.

Another is to have someone else to drive it for you and there are several companies that offer this service (for example see This option is usually cheaper, but it means your car will accumulate all that mileage and will be driven by someone you might not want to drive it.

Finally, the third option is to hire an auto transport company, and have your car transported on a carrier (those trucks that you can often see on highways with lots of cars loaded on top of them).

That option is probably the best for you if you want to preserve your car, especially if you spend some more money and have it transported inside a closed carrier (as opposed to regular, open carrier).

Now, its time to shop around for the auto transport company. Like with moving companies there are several things to keep in mind when choosing a car mover (see our moving guide for tips on how to choose a mover ).

In general, you should ask around, maybe one of your friends, relatives or coworkers have used any auto transport companies in the past and they can recommend it to you (or recommend NOT to use it, which is also a good piece of information...).

If you haven't got any valuable inputs from your closest circle you should do some online search, for example fill out our auto transport quotes request form (see it here - to have several auto transport companies send you their free quotes, contact and price information.

Once you have several quotes check the companies that sent you those quotes (see choose a mover article). For example go to BBB and verify that the one you liked the most doesn't have a ridiculous number of claims, in which case cross it out immediately.

Finally, after you found a car mover and scheduled a pickup and delivery time it is time to prepare your car for shipping.

You have to thoroughly inspect your car before shipping, as well as upon delivery. For more information on how to inspect your car and all other related questions check this article in our moving guide:

Good luck with your move,

Julie Owens @

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May 23, 08:40
Comment by anncordero (ann cordero)

Jeremy I just graduated Rider university in NJ and going to UCLA for law I am willing to drive your car to Cali or anywhere on west coast. contact

Oct 13, 15:24
Comment by arimokula (Ari)

Have you checked out or I believe they offer information on this, I used one of them about a year ago (can't remember which 1 tho)

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