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Jul 01, 22:09
Question by OKCnurse (Lisa Krivenki)

What is the optimal amount of deposit for a move?

How much should one expect to deposit for a move? The company I am considering moving with expects half of total due at time of reservation, 1/4 of total cost at a later date, and the final 1/4 of the cost due at time of delivery prior to unloading of truck. Is this a safe method of payment? Also, there is an option to pay the full amount in advance, which provides a 7% discount. Many family members are telling me this is not a good idea, even though it will save money.

Jul 01, 22:34
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


First of all you must know that there is no such law or regulation that requires you to pay a deposit for your move.

Every company comes up with their own rules regarding deposits, but it is up to the customer to decide whether to move with a company that requires too much upfront, before the service is provided, or to negotiate a no-deposit deal.

It is very typical for brokers (such as NRS that you unfortunately have to deal with) to charge as much as they can upon booking. Since brokers know how hard it is to get any money from the movers that perform the move itself they will try to secure their commission in form of "deposit" that they charge the customer prior to the pick up (and that's how they also "hook" the customer), and leave the rest of the collection work to the movers.

When booking a move it is important to research the movers you consider (we offer that service for free, and there are many other consumer sites that you can find info about the movers). Once you establish that the mover is reliable its OK to agree to whatever their deposit terms are, however if you have doubts about the company you plan to hire, and you still decide to move with them - in that case you should negotiate that ALL the cost of the move to be paid upon delivery, no deposit or pre-delivery payments whatsoever.

Regarding getting a discount for a 100% payment upfront - I would agree with your family, you will only get that kind of a deal from a shady company, and you don't want to move with a shady mover.

And finally - no matter what you negotiate - make sure you have it in writing on a company letterhead and signed by an authorised officer.

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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