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Jun 28, 11:53
Question by jzhou (jing zhou)

All Cities Real Estate and Moving Services

I've got this company contact me and could you please provide some information about them? All Cities Real Estate and Moving Services Moving service 1-866-653-4288 Dispatch 1-866-207-5419 cust. service 1-866-207-5419 accounting 214-227-9517 I think the lady said that they're based in Dallas, TX. Thanks, Jing

Jun 29, 13:22
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


After doing some research (including a phone call to their office to verify few details) I came to a conclusion that this company is in fact a moving broker, therefore we will not rate it according to our rating rules, but will just give you a quick summary of my findings.

Licenses & Insurance: (following a phone call to their sales office) I was told that they have trucks to do long distance moves, and that they only have the MC license (#527421), and no US DOT license. Having no DOT license basically means not having trucks.

I checked their status on FMCSA site that confirmed that they only have MC license, have only BROKER authority active, and are properly bonded. Basically, as a broker they are well licensed and insured, however they are not a moving company.

Better Business Bureau: here is their file with the BBB: They are not memebers, and only had 2 complaints since July 2006 (their official business start date). They have unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to the fact they haven't answered one complaint, but personally I wouldn't pay too much attention to that fact.

To summarize: if you are looking for a real mover I would say you should pass on this one. Although there are few decent moving brokers out there, its quite risky to move with them due to many factors we discussed in other threads, and also keep in mind that this company is too young - which could either mean they will try hard to make you happy, or will make you unhappy as a result of their lack of experience.

In any case - keep in mind that with a broker your items will travel with a third party mover, which you have no control over who it will be, so beware.

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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