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Jun 26, 16:44
Question by jzhou (jing zhou)

Consumer Report: A-1 Razorback Moving Company, USDOT #1415058

My family is planning to move from Little Rock, AR to Cincinnati, OH area this August. I have read your articles on moving scam and found it very helpful. Thank you very much for this. I searched for the local movers and find very small range to choose from, I need your help on these movers I am considering: 1) Executive Relocation Company, Little Rock, AR Telephone: (501) 537-2484 Fax: (501) 537-2486 2) A-1 Razorback Moving Company, North Little Rock, AR Additional DBA Names:D & S Cargo, Inc (501) 945-3338 Another question is that if it is hard to find a local one, is there any other means to find a reliable and cost effective mover from other source? Thanks in advance, Jing

Jun 26, 18:35
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)

A-1 Razorback Moving Co., USDOT#1415058

Safety Of Use Rating: AB
(94.64%, SAFE - see how we calculate SOUR)

From their website

  • This company is independent (not an agent for any major van lines).
  • Licensing information: not mentioned
  • Contact Information:
    6500 Holt, North Little Rock, AR 72117
  • Members of: not specified.

From reveals the following information:

  • Licensing info: US DOT #1415058, MC #535632
  • Trucks: 3.
  • Phones: (501) 945-3338
  • Office location: 6500 Holt, North Little Rock, AR 72117
  • The information in the report indicates no problems with their license and insurance.
  • Inspections section shows the following statistics:
    - Driver out-of-service rating: above the national average
    - Vehicle out-of-service rating: above the national average

From Better Business Bureau:

  • Members of the BBB
  • Original Business Start Date: January 1982
  • Number of complaints processed in the last 36 months: 2. Complaints issues: Service Issues (1), Customer Service Issues (1). The complaints were mostly resolved.

From other sources:

  • no mentioning of that company on
  • no mentioning of that company on
  • no mentioning of that company on
  • no mentioning of that company on
  • no mentioning of that company on
  • Other Sources: no other mentioning of that company found elsewhere.


This company seem to be safe to use. We would generally recommend using this company, however in case of a long distance move before making your choice you should ask them the following questions:

  1. Who is going to deliver your stuff to the final destination? This company is not an agent of any major van lines, so they either have their own interstate trucks, or they use a subcontractor.

  2. If they use a subcontractor it will still be OK to use them - as long as you run a similar investigation of the company they plan to subcontract your job to. Get the name of the company they use for delivery, however keep in mind that there are hundreds of independent truck owners that small and medium size companies use as subcontractors.
To stay on a safe side follow the guidelines in our Moving Guide regarding closing deals with movers and understanding your estimate, and make sure you insist on having an on-site visual and getting a binding estimate (but that should be done regardless of who you choose for your move), and insure your valuable items on

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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