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Jun 26, 16:29
Question by Lesliedes (Leslie Despopoulos)

What do you know about North America Moving Systems?

We are in a crisis move and my husband was getting calls from many movers. He finally made arrangements with North American Moving Systems, and gave them our credit card info over the phone and paid for the whole move ($3500) and we've haven't received a receipt. They say they sent it but we haven't got anything yet. I'm starting to panic. Do you know anything about this company?

Jun 26, 18:12
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


First of all I would like you to look at this report on North America Moving Systems (back in April 2007): Consumer Report: North America Moving Systems USDOT 1621264.

There where some changes since then, for example they finally got their license (

One thing is still true about them - that is a very young company.

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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Jun 26, 21:04
Comment by Lesliedes (Leslie Despopoulos)

Thanks very much. They did sent us a "binding" estimate via email, but I'm not sure what else to ask for - how they're bound to it. We thought we'd ask them to sign it and send it again and see what they say. They haven't billed our credit card yet, and I did put a note on the account, though I can't stop the charges, I can only complain after the fact..... We aren't usually this stupid, it's just that an emergency situation developed and we had to do it all so quickly that we blew it.


Jul 09, 10:45
Comment by golanon (Golan Yona)

Hi Leslie

I was considering hiring the services of North America Moving
Systems to move my apartment coast-to-coast, but then I read
your note and I got concerned. Did you move already?
Were you happy with their service? I hope your move goes well.


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