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Jun 22, 07:44
Question by bceagle1976 (John C)

Moving 4 bedroom from New Hampshire to North Carolina

I have received a quote from World Moving Services. It seems reasonable for a move from NH to NC (about $3900) for a 4 bedroom house. I'm trying to do some research on the company and found a note saying how you helped someone avoid WMS. Do they have a bad rep? Who are you guys? Where does your info come from? Any idea what can I excpect as a resonable rate for 9200 pounds and 760 miles (where we pack ourselves). Thanks!

Jun 22, 23:02
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


Here are the answers to your questions:
  1. World Moving Services. You probably refer to this thread. The problem with WMS is that it is a moving broker and not an actual mover that will do your move. Once booked, your job will be sold to a third party moving company (a choice you have no control over). Another problem is that this company has a very long list of complaints, and it has obvious connection to another dubious broker, National Relocation Services.

  2. About us. Four of us (me, Henry, Julie and Robert) launched this site in 2005 after spending several years in the moving industry. We started from answering moving questions, and later expanded our services to evaluating movers. You can read more about our team in About Us page.

  3. How do we evaluate movers. We developed a formula that we call SOUR (Safety of Use Rating - see more details about SOUR here). Basically, SOUR represents a chance to have a successful move with any particular mover. For that purpose we collect information from publicly available sources, such as the DOT, Better Business Bureau, and several consumer sites.

  4. Your move NH->NC. For the move of your size you should expect prices within the range of $0.40 to $0.50 per lb. Therefore according to 9200 lbs estimate you should be looking at $4600 to $3600 (WMS estimate falls within this range).

    Still, it is better to hire a mover directly then to use a broker, since you will need to pay a deposit that the broker will keep to himself, while the mover that will move you will be left with minimal profit margin (and they might try to compensate themselves for that by charging you additional fees). For move info on what kinds of extra charges you might face please read Price range for a 3-bedroom NY->NC.
I would recommend you to get some quotes from real long distance movers (you can try our form right here) before you book with anyone. And in any case - when you choose a candidate to move you please visit us again and check if that mover is rated and has a good SOUR (and if not rated then you are welcome to ask us to rate them).

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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Jun 23, 09:59
Comment by bceagle1976 (John C)

Thank you so much for your information. You guys are providing a real service. It's a amazing what the internet has provided to the world. How did we ever live without it? :)

I had one moving firm come in yesterday for a walk through and two more scheduled early next week. I'll research them on your site and maybe post a specific question about them if I have problems finding anything. Thanks again!

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