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Jun 19, 10:44
Question by nic (nic)

Moving by train

can i ship my 10x10 storage unit by train to california?

Jun 20, 15:47
Answer by bobfein (Bob F.)


That's a tough one.

After doing a bunch of research I came to a conclusion that there might not be any service such as that available at all. I don't know where you are travelling from, but as far as Amtrak concerned there is no direct passenger service from New York to California, and most certainly there is no household hauling service offered at all.

If there is a train moving service offered by any company - please come back to our site and let us know, that would be an exciting piece of information to share with our visitors.

Good luck with your move,

Bob F. @

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May 20, 13:17
Comment by sr999 (Mary)

I've seen storage containers, like PODS or Mobile Mini, on trains before. Checked with both companies tho, & neither uses train. So, I wonder who is able to do that? Surely, there must be a way, especially considering gas prices now! How to go about finding it tho? Maybe look up storage unit companies to see if any will have it put on a train for you? I'm facing the same problem myself. Any leads would be appreciated, as I'm not sure where to start.

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