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Jun 07, 16:19
Question by bschranz (Barbara Schranz)

Consumer Report: Infinity Moving and Storage, USDOT #985862

I have been in contact with company and have an estimate of $1765.50 for moving 600 cubic feet, 4200 pounds, from Wisconsin to New Jersey. Waiting to see if they change the estimate since I have found out my goods will be 635 cubic feet and 4445 pounds. My goods are already boxed and wrapped from a prior sea container shipment, is it possible to negotiate a lower price which does not include packing materials? I really need to investigate the company because no matter what deal I negotiate it won?t be any good if they are shysters.

Jun 08, 14:50
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)

Infinity Moving and Storage, USDOT#985862

Safety Of Use Rating: D
(54.79%, NOT RECOMMENDED - see how we calculate SOUR)

From their website

  • This company is independent (not an agent for any major van lines).
  • Licensing information: US DOT #985862, MC #423291, NYDOT: #T-35436
  • Contact Information:
    Toll Free: 888-545-8400
    not listed

  • Members of: not specified.

From reveals the following information:
  • Licensing info: US DOT #985862, MC #423291
  • Trucks: 9.
  • Phones: (718) 629-2900
  • Office location: 1373 East 87th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236
  • The information in the report indicates no problems with their license and insurance. Their authority was granted in 2002 and they had one revocation since then.
  • Inspections section shows the following statistics:
    - Driver out-of-service rating: above the national average
    - Vehicle out-of-service rating: below the national average
From Better Business Bureau:

This summary was listed under Nature of Business: Consumer complaints to the BBB indicate that these movers deliver property up to 1 month late. Consumers also experienced missing and damaged property, and confusion about pricing and insurance issues."

  • Not members of the BBB
  • Original Business Start Date: 1/1/2000
  • Number of complaints processed in the last 36 months: 35.

    Complaints issues: Contract Disputes (2), Credit or Billing Disputes (5), Delivery Issues (15), Refund Practices (1), Selling Practices (1), and Service Issues (11). The complaints were mostly resolved.

    From other sources:


    Based on the result of this investigation I would not recommend using this company. It seems like every second move they do results in some sort of consumer dissatisfaction, which is too risky.

    I would recommend you to do some more shopping around to see what other companies have to offer. You can get few quotes from several long distance movers right here. In any case, never book with a company that did not perform a visual estimate in your house and did not give you a flat price for your move. Also, check this thread to learn How to find a good moving company.

    Good luck with your move,

    Alex Z. @

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