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Jun 03, 11:07
Question by Kstern (kieth Stern)

U-Pack-We-Haul solution for a 2000 lbs move Florida to Alabama

I am moving from Jacksonville, FL to Huntsville, AL at the end of June. I estimate under 2,000 lbs as the only bulk items are a washer, dryer and buffet. We have lots of toys and bikes. What do you think of the u-pack-we-haul scenario?

Jun 03, 23:08
Answer by julie (Julie Owens)


Self moving (U-Pack-We-Drive) solutions are good for people who are:

  1. Very concerned about the safety of their belongings and do not to trust them with any mover,

  2. Are on tight budget and looking for ways to cut down on their moving expenses, and,

  3. Those who do not mind doing the actual loading and unloading by themselves (although they can also hire moving help for that matter).
Now to your particular case:
  1. Are you really that concerned about your belongings? If you only have a small amount of items, the bulky items could be wrapped with protective blankets, and the more valuable items taken with you in a car for example - then U-load-We-Drive gives you no benefit from that perspective.

  2. Saving money could be a good idea, but you have to remember - U-load-We-drive solutions include a container, and the smallest you can get is around 330 cubic feet (that's approximately 2300 lbs, as far as typical household goods are concerned). In your case, however, the actual volume of your shipment might be much less then 330 cubic feet, but you will still pay for the whole container. If saving money is your concern then try to get several estimates for Self Moving containers from different companies and also get couple of estimates from full service movers, and then see if you really save on it.

  3. Loading and unloading could be an issue as well. Although you only have few items, some of them are heavy appliances - think again if you are up to it.
In my opinion, although U-pack-We-drive is a great solution and often a better one compared to traditional moving with a full service movers, in your particular case it might not be so.

Good luck with your move,

Julie Owens @

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