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-> Company public records
May 30, 18:06
Question by Linda Lo (Linda Lo)

Moving with Ship Smart

Is it worthy to move with Ship Smart?

May 31, 12:56
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


From a quick research here is what I found on Ship Smart:

  • They seem to be a kind of small moves broker - they organize pick-ups and deliveries of small shipments worldwide.

  • I could not locate their file with, so it was hard to establish the volume of their moves a year. There are at least three locations where this company has offices or warehouses (two in California and one in Arizona).

  • They are members of the BBB and have 21 complaints listed with the Bureau for the last 3 years (there are 3 BBB files for this company).

  • On other consumer sites have mixed reviews on this company. I would recommend reading this thread on - it has both complaints, a responce from the owner of ShipSmart and also some positive information.
To summarize, it seems like an ok company, although personally I would be careful with brokers in general. There is however an important thing to understand - with small moves it is very hard to build a 100% satisfactory and affordable service, so it could be that Ship Smart is one of the few that provide relatively good service in this difficult niche.

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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Nov 17, 15:58
Comment by Mando (Armando Zamarripa)

In this industry that is the best question you can ask?

Anyone can start a website, so how do you know if a moving company is legitimate. Well there are a number of resources out there to help you find a good mover.
1. The Better Business Bureau is the best place to start. Companies listed with the Better Business Bureau sign up because they care about their customer service. The Better Business Bureau acts as a mediator between the two and helps to work out solutions for both parties if any problems should occur.
2. The DOT (Department of Transportation) also is a good resource to check to see if your company is licensed and bonded which is important; but just because a company is licensed and bonded does not mean they are a good company.
3. There have been allegations that moving scam is actually a front for certain moving companies. You can read this on the rip off report. The fact that they send referrals should clue you in that this website is not unbiased.
4. Ask about the company’s insurance carrier. If they have a bad insurance company or they cannot insure your items then that could indicate a high level of damaged shipments.

I work for Ship Smart and would like to tell you why we are a good company for you to use. We are a third party broker, but not the average freight broker. We do a high volume of packing and shipping all over the world and have a large network of experienced packers. We provide our packers with a large percentage of their business and have a good working relationship with them. We also get huge shipping discounts, which help us to do smaller moves for under the minimums that most movers charge.

How does that help you? Well we are looking for an economical reliable moving company just like you, except we have been looking longer and have tested the companies we do use. We are constantly monitoring their progress and updating our list.

No matter which company you choose whether it is a big company or a small company you are only one customer to them. Expecting these moving companies to drop what they are doing to take care of your needs can be difficult. Ship Smart has more pull with each company because we provide a large part of there business to them. Check our Better Business Bureau records and you will find we have one of the highest ratings in our industry.

Thank You

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