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May 28, 23:29
Question by angela (angela)

What is the cheapest way to move few pieces across country?

I have a very small move of about 7 pieces (queen size bed, small kitchen table, small dresser and night stand table, 20 inch t.v with small stand and a five shelf bookcase) going from Orange County to upstate NY. I am in no hurry for the furniture to arrive in upstate NY and in fact can wait even over a month. Is there a less costly way to get the furniture across the country?

May 28, 23:58
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


If you don't mind waiting then using long distance movers would be an affordable option. Keep in mind though that most long distance movers have a minimum requirement for the weight of your shipment (usually, it is 1000-1500 lbs), meaning that if your shipment weighs less then you will pay the minimum price. Your shipment is probably less then this minimum.

For really small moves there are few companies that specialize in hauling just few pieces across country. Those companies are usually called "small movers" or "mini movers". I know couple of companies that specialize in small moves (Sterling Van Lines, Mini Moves, etc), however you should check each one you plan to hire for that kind of a move, and make sure you close a flat fee deal.

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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