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May 14, 20:50
Question by sheilaj (sheila)

Movers in Austin, TX

Hello, My husband and I will be moving from Austin, TX to Chapel Hill, NC in two separate shipments, about 1.5 months apart. The first will take most of the boxed things (clothes, books, kitchen gear, etc.) and some excess furniture, and the second will take the rest. We'll drive our own cars so we can transport some valuables and our two dogs ourselves. I'll be in North Carolina to close on our new home at the time of the first shipment, so I can meet the movers to supervise the delivery, though I'll be back and forth between TX and NC after that for a while so I need the delivery date to be reasonably reliable (maybe 3-4 day window). I'd be grateful for your help evaluating which company I should use. I'm also interested in your advice on whether I should ask for a binding estimate on the total (both shipments combined) or each part separately, i.e., if I'm unhappy I could switch movers for the second part. I'm not sure if they would charge more on a per pound basis in that case. Here are the four movers I'm considering. I have not yet gotten quotes from any of these companies, but I've checked them out with the Central TX Better Business Bureau and found 0-4 complaints per company in 36 months. 1) Central Transportation Systems (United Van Lines) 2) All Points Moving and Storage (Atlas Van Lines) 3) Ace Relocation Systems (Atlas Van Lines) 4) Berger (Allied Van Lines) ** You have reviewed Berger Allied before, but with emphasis on their NJ office -- I am interested in the Austin office. Their BBB reports show a slightly higher complaint rate (based on but I don't know if that's statistically significant. Thanks in advance for your help! - Sheila

May 16, 20:12
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)


We will evaluate those movers for you each in a separate thread that we will open for each of them (for Berger you will see a new comment to the original Berger thread).

Regarding your second question: I think it is still a better idea to have those two moves separated. It could also be that your movers will simply not agree to have them both combined as one, since for each of the shipments they are required to have a separate Bill of Ladding, Inventory sheet and Order for Service. You should however insist on having a binding estimates with all additional fees included for each of the moves.

Good luck with your move,

Alex Z. @

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