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May 10, 16:18
Question by (Jen)

Consumer Report: Dependable Auto Shippers, USDOT #517538

Does anyone have any info/feedback about Dependable Auto Shippers? They were recommended by ABF U-Pack which was recommended by

May 10, 23:28
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)

Dependable Auto Shippers, USDOT#517538

Safety Of Use Rating: C
(79.3%, BE CAUTIOUS - see how we calculate SOUR)

Dependable Auto Shippers is a large national auto transport company with several locations in US.

From their website

  • This company is independent (not an agent for any major van lines).
  • Licensing information: MC #249800
  • Contact Information:
    not specified

  • Members of: AMSA, CMSA, NIADA, HHGFAA


  • Licensing info: US DOT #517538, MC #249800
  • Trucks: 177 .
  • Phones: (214) 381-0181
  • Office location: 3020 E Highway 80, Mesquite, TX 75149
  • The information in the report indicates no problems with their license and insurance.
  • Inspections section shows the following statistics:
    - Driver out-of-service rating: slightly above the national average
    - Vehicle out-of-service rating: below the national average

    The safety rating of this company is Satisfactory, however it is important to notice that it was involved in 27 crashes including injuries.
From Better Business Bureau:

We found 4 BBB files for this company and will summarize the finding in all of them.

  • Members of 1 out of 4 BBB offices
  • Original Business Start Date: January 1954
  • Number of complaints processed in the last 36 months: 331 . Most of those complaints are about Customer Service issues

    This summary is listed under Customer Experience:

    Locally the company has unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaints and the company's failure to remove the underlying reason for the complaints that create a pattern. Mostly the complaints concern long waiting times past the promised delivery dates, even if extra fee is paid for the guaranteed delivery. Customers complain about difficulty in contacting the firm's customer service by phone. Additionally, consumers object not receiving claim forms for damages in a timely fashion. Some complaints dispute company's refusal to honor the extra insurance purchased , or claims for damages discovered few days after the vehicle is received.

    The company responds by stating that exceptions for damages must be noted during final inspection and that consumers can receive updates via 800 number or the company's website. In some cases the company offers credit on shipping costs to settle the dispute.

    From other sources:


    I would recommend to be cautious about using this company. They are indeed very big, however there are too many red flags and complaints. I believe 4 out of 5 customers they move are happy with their experience (or you can also see it as every fifth customer is unhappy).

    I would recommend you to do some more shopping around to see what other companies have to offer. You can get few quotes from several auto movers right here. Also, check this thread for some car moving tips.

    Good luck with your move,

    Alex Z. @

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